Friday, July 24, 2009

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lose fat for summer? Is It Too Late To Get That 'Beach Body'?

I came accross this quote recently . . I don't know how i missed it. . it's quality;


'If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.' - Mohammad Ali


That's just to spur you on. .

Did it work? Good. .

I have been hearing a lot of negativity among trainees lately, not just in the gym, but on twitter, facebook, and just listening to general conversation. .

Weight loss, abs and getting a beach body seems to be on everyones agenda but 'surprise surprise' nobody is doing anything about it. Each and every person that i encounter thinks it is too late now;


'It's summer, I cant lose all that fat now'

'Its May already, maybe next year'


I'm sorry to tell you but thats a loada crap. .Ali's Quote above. . its never too late and your NOT different. You can change you body, i dont care who you are or what your circumstances are. . You too can lose that stubborn bellyfat. . . on that note. .

A member of recently told me;


'But its hard for me to lose fat, and I lose muscle easily'


Initially i was a little understanding and compassionate until I had a look at his food diary on the My Athletic Body Space . .

bread sticks,
'just a little' cereal and
'seeded bread' frequented the menu. .

Lets just say the ensuing message was not friendly :-)


Let's be honest; It's ONLY May, you can lose a lot of fat in a couple of weeks, even if your holiday is in June or July, there's still time. . you know what your doing? Making big, fat, hairy, lazy excuses. . That's right . . I'm not going to sugar coat it. . you need a push. .


On that note i would like to make a blatant sales pitch. .


Theres still time for you to burn that last bit of fat for summer. . its only May. I know our friends across the water celebrated 'Memorial Day' yesterday so we've decided to make a silly -belated- offer. .

We have (well Ian did) repackaged abs and I think it will suit some people down to the ground.We literally took the 'Fat Loss Pathway' Out of Athletic Body System and Made ABS for Fat Loss

This is especially for people who just want a quick fix and a no BS route to fatloss.

You dont want to read through 100's of pages of information, you just want the workouts. . good old fashioned effective workouts. . well I have just the thing.


CLICK HERE to take advantage of this offer and to get rid of that last bit of fat for the summer!

but dont worry. .

We are taking the risk

If you dont like it we are taking all the risk. . 100% money back guarantee. . so if you feel like the package isnt worth the ridiculously low price we are asking then you can just send us over an email and we will happily refund it. . we dont want any unhappy campers :-)

So if you are already lean and dont have a little fat that you could do with losing then dont CLICK HERE


Sorry about the blatant sales pitch but i think this is perfect for a lot of people who just want to lose fat for summer and i know that there are some takers here in the Dublin gyms!

So stop making excuses and take ACTION today!


---> To Your Fat Loss Success :-)


Did i mention you are not alone on this journey. . I will personally email you every day for two weeks. Providing tips on how to address your lifestyle, nutrition and mindset. . how bout that?!

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Bryan Kavanagh Bsc CSCS

Physique transformation Coach!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How to 'Tone' your trouble spots like bingo wings, arm fat, love handles, chest fat and belly fat. . what if told you you couldn't?

I know i told you i was going to tell you how to 'Tone' your trouble spots like bingo wings, arm fat, love handles, chest fat and belly fat. . what if told you that this was impossible and you couldn't? I know it would come as a shock but it actually is an impossibility to tone just your trouble spots.

Tone is another big misconception among the general training population! I even seen a television programme recently with some dumb arse trainer, he had an overweight woman doing tricep kick backs, and mislead her into thinking it was going to 'tone' her arms and help her lose fat on her arms. . You can't tone fat! My apologies but I may get a little antagonistic here. . I get angry when I hear the term 'Tone' as it causes so many dedicated people to do things all wrong!

The word TONE is a big misconception! There is no such thing as 'TONING' a muscle muscles either get



Now i know what your saying. . .

'I don't want big muscles!!!!!'

I understand that... women will not get big muscles no matter how hard they try... unless of course you have a good anabolic steroids dealer? Do you? Women lack adequate amounts of the anabolic hormones men possess: testosterone! So you have nothing to worry about! All training heavy and hard is going to do is burn fat, 'tone' and make you lean and sexy!

Now your muscles may get A LITTLE bigger but you will lose fat at the same time and you will remain the EXACT same size... just look far better?!

Sounds like a plan eh?

That is 'TONE'. . well at least what people are looking for when they refer to tone.

----> Reduction in body fat and simultaneous maintenance or slight increase in muscle

I know what you are thinking now. . .

'Ok so do i do this?'

You have one or more of the following: bingo wings, bat wings, upper arm fat, love handles or man boobs so it makes sense to focus on those areas, right? Nope! At first it seems to makes sense, but after thinking about it you'll understand why focusing on your trouble spots is not the solution to fixing them. This is the biggest obstacle trainees face is listening and changing their training. This is essential, especially when it comes to fat loss.

I like to describe it like this. .

'If I take a bucket of water out of the corner of a swimming pool, the water comes from the swimming pool as a whole...not just one section of it'

You get the idea? You have to train your whole body as a unit to reduce bodyfat, your blood stream supplies the energy (in the form of fat) to your muscles, yes? You cannot select where the fat comes from, your body does! It may seem logical for your body to go to fat stores closest to the muscle for energy but it doesn't! Blood flows around your body and the fat that is being used may have been picked up from your thighs or your back not your belly or bingo wings! You don't have control over this aspect of fat loss! Live with it.

Fat will be lost, more often than not, in the reverse order it was put on. Almost everone started puttin on weight in one are first then another etc and the last place to put on nasty bodyfat is usually the first to lose it. Metabolic type work and a clean diet is the key to fat loss, doesn't matter where the fat is!

Copyright (c) 2009 Athleticbodysystem

Bryan Kavanagh Bsc. CSCS

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Protein Shakes – Are They Worth It? Or Are They a Waste Of Money?

First i would like to introduce an exciting study carried out in 2008 that involved 3 groups of people.

1. A Control (CON)
2. Exercise only (EX)
3. Exercise and Protein (EXPRO)

It revealed that ingesting 2 EXTRA protein shakes (extra calories) per day (EXPRO) for 10 weeks caused a ~10% decrease in fat mass and +2% increase in muscle mass. Not bad for 10 weeks of training! This is compared to (EX) who underwent exactly the exercise programme and their diet was adjusted so that they ingested exactly what EXPRO did minus the protein drinks. (Lockwood, 2008)

So what caused the increase in muscle mass and decrease in fat you ask?

This part was not in the study and is merely my own hypothesis.

1. Satiety

My 1st hypothesis is not very scientific but makes sense Ingesting a protein shake in the morning would increase satiety and thus decrease the RISK of that individual heading for the cereal press (god I hate cereal) and eating 3 pieces fruit in the morning. No carbs + No insulin = ↑ Fat loss! Dont get me wrong fruit is great! Full of nutrients and goodness but it also contains calories, it is NOT a magical food that disappears once you eat it. . just think about it next time you eat 3 banana's on the way to work after having a bowl of cornflakes!


2. Timing

I am assuming the second shake was ‘post workout’ and ingestion of a post workout shake speeds up protein synthesis and actually boosts metabolism via thermogenesis (heat generation) on it own (workout or no workout!)

Also, depending on the rate of digestion/ absorption prevents muscle breakdown and increases recovery time. Whey hydrolysate (in ---->PROMAX<---- and ---->PROMAX AMINOS<----) will illicit the largest of these responses and next in line is whey isolate. Whey concentrates and milk proteins (casein) are too slow to digest (Barr, 2008) and they would not result in nearly as much fat loss or muscle gain.

3. Most people are in a caloric deficit anyway!

Most people are not consuming enough calories in the first place but their diet consists of mainly high glycemic foods and the resultant decrease in metabolism/ fat release from cells will result in a decreased 'basal metabolic rate' (number of calories your body need to survive) The excess calories along with the increase in metabolism results in a net increase in protein synthesis but increased fat loss also! You have the best of both worlds!

4. Their Strength increased!

Assuming both individuals were similar size/weight/limb length etc. If Individual A performs an exercise with 50 kilograms and individual B performs the same exercise with 100 kilo. Who has performed the most work and thus burned more calories and further stimulated protein synthesis?. . . duuhhh. . . ?

5. They 'broke the fast'

Ingesting the protein shake first thing in the morning broke the overnight fast (sleep) kerbed muscle breakdown and kickstarted protein synthesis. The post workout shake kerbed muscle breakdown and kickstarted protein synthesis post workout also. Individual B has a headstart and will accumulate more muscle and recover from his sessions sooner than individual A.

Take home message. .

Take a protein supplement! It will benefit you if your training or not! What I failed to mention was the EX group also lost 4.5% fat compared to the 10% the EXPRO group lost. . that’s 5.5% more fat lost my consuming MORE calories. . . huh? I thought extra calories make you fat? . . . well that’s another article


1. Lockwood et al. Nutr Metab 2008, 5:11
2. Barr, Anabolic Index, 2008.

Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS


You can see me rant about this subject more by clicking HERE We hava 'Protein Debate' going on over there!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here’s some things I have noticed lately that just make my blood boil.

In the past 2 weeks I almost lost hope. It seems that there are traps and pitfalls everywhere for people that are the PRIMARY cause of the current WORLDWIDE obesity and laziness epidemic. . and do you want to know the killer? They are just unavoidable! I was in Newry (northern Ireland) last week and seen this. . .

Come on! spinal surgery anyone? This sort of nonsense, crunches, sit ups, cat stretches, them weird looking push up stretches where the persons pelvis is still on the floor and they’re looking at the ceiling interesting stretch. . all completely contradictory to what your spine and the surrounding musculature is suppose to do! Stretching and mobilising a structure that is made for stability. . tut tut. . no wonder half the people I meet are complaining of back pain.. the INSTRUCTIONS on the products they are buying tell us to do these things and blindly we follow! Ever buy a set of dumbbells with a set of instructions of ALL the possible combinations of exercises are on there. . we, the buyer, feel compelled to do all of them then! Think we know it all and then weeks down the line we are injured! GREAT!

A couple days before I sent th interesting picture above I seen this. . I’m grinding my teeth as I write this by the way. .

Oh now processed sugar is good for you : ) haha

High carbohydrate low fat diets are good for you now. . .interesting. .

Ahh the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes has nothing to do with sugar now? Cool I’m going to buy a bag of it right now!

How in the name of s#@t can they make these label claims and sleep at night! Grrrrrr

And even better . . a member recently directed me to this video! LOL

Oh dear. . don’t blame me if I inflict harm on HFCS company owners in the near future : )

This ones better

Its true! We are being fed horse crap everyday! Think of the original food pyramid? 8-10 portions of grain a day. . did somebody say hippopotamus? Haha

Only eat meat or eggs 3 times per week or some crap I can’t remember? Its like they are trying to kill everyone or make them fat and weak!

Ugh I do NOT have a clue where im going with this but ill keep going . . .

Til next time

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sprint Session

This is one i done today!

Sprint ONE length 20 m

Walk the Width 8 m

Sprint the OTHER length 20 m

Walk width 8m

now it gets fun. . .

Sprint up and back on one side 2x 20 m

walk ONE width

Sprint up and back 2x 20 m

Malk one width

Even more fun. .


walk width

3x 20 m

rest one minute. .

repeat x 3

took all of 8 minutes or something like that i will time it next time (20 mins warm up)

(i warn you i am still sweating and that was over an hour ago)

get it into you :-)